Useful Reference Links:

The Episcopal Missionary Church - Our branch of Anglicanism.

EMC Diocese of the East - Under Construction.

Sermons For Layreaders - Great resource of contemporary Anglican thought.

Cradle of Prayer - Daily Morning & Evening Prayer - Beautiful and convenient access to the Daily Offices. - Ordo calendar, daily scripture and more.

Derek Prince Videos - Excellent Bible teaching from Prince's Foundation Series of lectures.

The Bible Project - YouTube - Short videos that offer the best path to understanding the books of the Bible and how they all fit together.

BibleGateway - Verse lookup using whichever version you wish.

e-Sword - Bible Study software for Windows and Mac/iPad/iPhone - A 'does everything' bible study software suite.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library - The Great Books of our faith.

Prayer Book Society USA - Great repository of Anglican thought.

The Spreading Flame; Anglican Leadership Institute - Audio history of orthodox Christian voices through the ages.

Project Canterbury - Online Anglican library.

The C. S. Lewis Institute - Great place to plug into the apologetics of C. S. Lewis.

Center for Christian Study at UVA - Our local home of orthodox Christian academic interaction.

The Institute on Religion and Democracy - Brings orthodox Christianity and the socio-political world together.

Anglicans for Life - Addresses all stages of life from birth to natural death.

Shroud of Turin Documentation:

Dr. Gerald Schroeder - Nobel Laureate's videos and writings offering a Biblical view of creation based on solid science.